Warranty and Repair

NetSuite ERP can be used to provide most of the processes involved in managing warranties and repairs within the standard ERP product. This is achieved by the inclusion of extra custom records, fields and reports, the tools for which are provided as part of the standard NetSuite product.

NetSuite provide a Best Practice white paper that describes how to implement this function without the need for add-on modules or third party products.

The paper covers standard and extended warranties together with repair and replacement processes for either direct and indirect customers. It includes customer product registration as well as tracking warranty periods and product serial numbers. The paper also describes how to use NetSuite ERP to handle on-site repair. In all cases the process flow addresses the workflow through the organisation, and impact on all functions. The goal is to manage warranties and repairs efficiently giving the customer the best possible service by keeping them aware of the status of their claim and responding as speedily as possible.

Keystone Data can implement this for businesses, making adjustments where required and providing extra functionality if appropriate.