Clients of NetSuite have choices in terms of the support they require once they are using the product. For no extra cost clients’ software will be maintained and updated automatically twice a year. In addition they will have access to on-line help facilities including SuiteAnswers which allows for the entering of questions. At extra cost NetSuite offer telephone support, during working hours or 24 x 7.

Keystone Data can provide on-going support for clients in terms of the customised implementation, which will have been documented for clients, and maintenance and support for any bespoke software created. The needs of each client in this respect will be unique so the extent of such a service will be discussed during the project.

We can offer telephone support during working hours to advise clients, help them resolve issues (or report them to NetSuite) and even provide a back-up administration service. As a NetSuite partner, we have good access to NetSuite specialists as and when required to resolve issues or provide assistance in areas new to us.

In addition we can offer a support service that includes the production of reports or searches or other occasional updates. The maintenance service we provide could range from simply maintaining the code we have developed through updating it as required when a third party connected to it requires to managing the relationship with third party software or service providers offering clients a one-stop point of contact.