Services for Wholesalers / Distributors

Keystone Data consultants have a wealth of experience to help wholesale distributor companies maximise their investment in IT and use of ERP and eCommerce to enhance their business. We can work with wholesale distributors throughout the whole lifecycle of IT, from initial analysis via delivery to ongoing support and advice or we can provide a specific service to help the business move forward. Our approach is practical, we look for ways to add real value for our clients and hope to establish long term relationships with them.

Initial analysis

Our experience in distributor businesses, particularly in the key areas of stock management, order processing and the use of eCommerce give us the background to help clients determine whether their business processes are most effective and their IT is best suited to their needs.

We can map business processes and compare those processes to existing software being used by clients or to alternative software, notably NetSuite. In doing this we can advise where improvement could be made to those processes and whether the business would benefit from changes in its software usage.

This would result in a report that could be used as a specification of requirements to select appropriate software, a recommendation as to what software would improve the business or advice how to use existing software more effectively.

Software selection

Our experience in working with a variety of software and our technical knowledge enables us to help distributors select the most appropriate software for the current and potential needs of the business. As a NetSuite solution provider we would naturally consider the NetSuite range of products when advising clients, but it is our clear policy not to recommend a product that is unsuitable for any particular business.

We also recognise that distributors may have specific needs that cannot be met by one ERP system perhaps warehouse automation or fleet management software for example. We also recognise that we cannot be experts in the detailed function requirements of all such systems. In these cases we can give alive on the technical quality of any software application product being considered in terms of its robustness, openness to being connected with other software and likely performance in live operation.

Software implementation

Clearly as a NetSuite solution provider we have the skills and knowledge to ensure a successful NetSuite implementation, but Keystone Data can go beyond that. We have extensive knowledge in the provision of eCommerce solutions and can utilise a variety of platforms including NetSuite’s Ecommerce, shopify or magneto to provide the right solution in this area.

We also have strong development skills, having built from scratch our own product as a different company. This enables us to offer clients the option of having specific software built by an experienced team to enhance any packaged solutions selected.

One of our major areas of expertise has been in integrating either between existing systems or with a bespoke solution. We have produced two examples of this which are available via our website to bridge NetSuite with google email and shopify eCommerce platform. Earlier examples are integrating with parcel carriers and a variety of accounting platforms and CRM solutions.
We are well aware of the pitfalls and issues involved in such integration so can discuss with clients both their needs and the various options, making recommendations.

Hosting and Supporting

NetSuite cloud solution removes from clients the need to run there own on site computer systems, with the attendant costs and problems. Any minor additions we provide to a NetSuite based solution can be hosted by NetSuite and delivered as part of their Software as a Service.

In those instances where clients require us to development significant additional software, our preference is to host it on the client’s behalf. This makes support more straightforward because we control the hardware, operating system and other software platform on which is runs. Our previous company provided such services so we are well versed in the delivery of them. Should clients prefer to run any bespoke software on their own system, we are happy to facilitate this providing detailed documentation on the IT environment the software is designed to run on.

Keystone Data can provide a flexible, comprehensive support package to meet the needs of any client. This could range from maintenance (which may include regular checking that the software works with recent versions of connected software as well as latest operating system and software environment e.g. database), through online and telephone advice to on site advice or training.

Continued consultancy

We like to develop long term relationships with our clients and help them to grow their businesses profitably. To this end we appoint an account manager to liaise with your business and build a good understanding of how your business operates and the goals for it.

Our experience with a range of wholesale distributors, plus general business experience can be used to your advantage through the lifetime of our business relationship.