Netsuite Integration

In many cases it is necessary for a business’s NetSuite ERP system to communicate with other systems, either within the business or located with a partner company.

Some common scenarios include:

      • Pulling real time stock information from NetSuite into an ecommerce store or EPOS (Electronic Point of Sale) system.

      • Posting orders from an ecommerce store into NetSuite.

      • Sending sales orders to partner companies’s systems in drop ship scenarios.

      • Integrating legacy systems with NetSuite.

It is vital that an integration with a system be well thought out and reliable. Consideration must be given to scenarios where the remote system is unavailable or malfunctioning to ensure that messages are not lost. It is also important that administrators are notified of any delays or errors in message delivery. Good documentation detailing the flow of information between the two systems is also hugely important and something we create as standard in any project we undertake.

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