We have devised a half to one day on-site training course for NetSuite administrators. It includes various exercises, which we would expect to customise to meet a client’s needs.

It covers the following topics:

Managing users and roles
• Adding, removing users or changing user’s permissions (includes the ability to adapt own dashboard)
• Adding or changing roles

Reports and saved searches
• Reporting
• Difference between a saved search and a report – when to use each.
• Customising reports – Adding / removing data, sorting, filtering and formatting results.
• Exporting reports to excel and working with exported reports.
• Setting permissions on reports / sharing reports
• Financial reports.
• Saved Searches
• Defining saved searches
• Restricting access to saved searches
• Auto emailing saved searches

• Adapting the dashboard – building on work relating to permissions and saved searches
• Working with dashboard reminders
• Setting up dashboards for users and adding standard reports
• Adding saved searches to custom portlets on the dashboard
• Adding Shortcuts to dashboard

Importing data
• Types of import
• Common errors with imports / how to avoid these