standard training coursesWith a product as comprehensive in functionality, rich in features and flexible in implementation options as NetSuite, it is essential to achieve an effective balance of documentation and training for businesses to maximise its potential.

NetSuite is provided with an on-line set of manuals, help facilities and on-line videos to provide clients with information about and advice on the use of NetSuite. Keystone Data will provide documentation on any customisations made to a client’s NetSuite instance. We can also tailor NetSuite Quick Reference cards to match a client’s particular processes .

The successful implementation of any ERP project is determined by how effectively users adopt the system in practice and this will depend to a large extent on their confidence with the system and willingness to engage with it.This requires a programme of training designed to meet their needs plus be available to them and new users after initial implementation. Such training is usual most successful when it relates to their actual use of the system.

Keystone Data and NetSuite offer a range of training and expect to build a training plan with our clients based on a training needs analysis and develop end user training to match that need.

We have created a number of standard training courses that include full documentation and reference to on-line activities for the trainees. One option for clients is to use a NetSuite sandbox which will give access to a client specific instance with own data without the risk of compromising live data on the live instance.

We anticipate that most clients will require a certain amount of tailoring for their courses and offer a range of options to achieve the necessary outcome.

We can tailor the courses, creating any new ones needed and deliver those course on-site (or via an internet link) as part of an implementation or a re-training for an established NetSuite user. We can tailor the courses and provide them to a client for own delivery. We can provide the standard material for a client to tailor and deliver their own courses, possibly with consultancy from Keystone Data.

Typically there are three types of users: end users, administrators (usually at least 2 per client, whose role is to assign appropriate system access and handle any issues reporting problems or raising queries with Keystone or NetSuite) and power users (who wish to design their own reports or do bespoke analysis).

Keystone can provide a short ‘Welcome to NetSuite’ course for all users to show the basics of all NetSuite applications and how to find documentation and short courses to help end users with their relevant tasks. These can be delivered individually or to groups by Keystone or client personnel.

We have also created a range of standard courses covering most of the commonly used processes in NetSuite. For most end users we suggest that these, tailored to meet specific client needs and the relevant tailored NetSuite Quick Reference cards designed for particular business processes e.g. entering an invoice, would ensure most effective use of the system.

In those circumstances where the introduction of NetSuite is coupled with a major change in business processes (perhaps with the introduction of CRM or SFA), we suggest the development of a bespoke course to include the business process change as well as the specific business use of the applications. Keystone can help to design this course and deliver it as required.

For the administrators, we recommend some specific hands-on training is incorporated into the implementation schedule and that the administrators are involved in the project from the beginning. For administrators who wish to extend their knowledge and skills, there are relevant NetSuite courses (classroom based or via the web) as well as a wealth of material available in the on-line service SuiteAnswers via NetSuite’s support service.

For power users, we recommend a specific training course delivered by Keystone which covers NetAnalytics and other relevant facilities. Again for the more advanced user there are respective NetSuite courses available.