Sales Order Processing

The sales order processing module has a wealth of features to be able to support the ordering processes of a range of businesses. Whether your business sells to end users, to third parties, with partners or a combination of these, NetSuite can cope.

It can handle one-off or regular repeat sales and covers products, services (including warranties) or a combination of both. It can also handle cash sales where the details of each customer do not need to be recorded, for example in many retail businesses.

Orders can be generated automatically from an estimate, via an eCommerce front end (NetSuite or third party) or by manual from a customer purchase order, telephone call etc. On accepting an order there is an optional approval process to check whether the customer is viable, whether they are within their limit or have a debt outstanding beyond the terms of business. The system can also be set to check and optionally reserve available stock or other resources before accepting it. Drop-shipments are supported for delivery directly from the supplier to the customer.

A very flexible discount schedule is available to allow discounts by customer, product or service, volume, early repayment or other business defined basis. A combination of discounts can be offered to customers for an order or the best or most appropriate discount generated. A variety of payment options are incorporated in the system as standard: credit card, bank transfer as well as cash or cheque and different payment terms: monthly, quarterly etc; bill in advance, arrears or pro rata.

The system incorporates a returns process that can be configured to meet business needs offering for example product replacement, credit notes or repayment. Customers or partners can be given access to their accounts to view invoices and statements as well as change billing plans and payment options.