Professional Services Automation

Project Management

The project management function offers the ability to effectively manage the complete life cycle of a project from initial proposal through to invoicing, maintaining a detailed account of costs throughout the process.

It allow projects to be set up quickly using and adapting project templates. Complex or unusual projects can be set up from scratch and templates created that reflect the types of project an organisation runs.

Resources can be assigned at the project or task level and complete project can be seen using outlines or Gantt charts which can be drilled down to the task level. Real-time project progress monitoring can also be taken down to the task level with severity details, resolution date and assignment.

Project pipeline reports give visibility into future revenue and profit opportunities and real-time budget alerts can be given based on percent of allocated budget used as well as overruns.

Project Accounting

The project accounting features are designed to efficiently monitor and manage project revenues, expenses and profitability. The billing facility ensures accurate timely billing which coupled with sophisticated revenue recognition allows revenue to be allocated by separate revenue type.

It includes an automated, flexible project invoicing engine for approvals and integrates project time and expense entries, billings, revenue recognition transactions and invoice totals with the general ledger.

Approvals can be on a project basis and invoices can be split across multiple projects. The project accounting can handle flat fee, hourly and time and expense items.

Resource Management

The resource management features are designed to maximise the use of key resources especially scarce skills whilst maximising the success of tasks and projects. It includes the auto-creation of bookings based on skills and availability plus proactive resource forecasting.

Bookings can be made and viewed in calendar or graphical booking chart view. The system supports multiple booking types, booking in bulk or individually at the task or project level.

To enable the management of scarce skills PSA provide advanced skills tracking and skills profiles with custom skill set management. It offers facilities to view and search for all active and inactive resources, including sub-contractors and speciality resources as well as sophisticated resource search to find the right people based on availability, skills and other factors critical to a specific organisation.

Time Sheet Management

PSA includes a flexible time sheet system to allow information to be captured to whatever level of detail required via a web browser, offline client or mobile device as well as in the office. It is an important element in the project management, project accounting and billing system to allow integrated management of time, invoicing and cost for any project or customer.

It is very flexible in terms of the detail that can be held, the approval process and the means by which such information can be searched and reported upon.

Expenses Management

The expenses management facility is designed to automate and streamline the entire expense management and reimbursement cycle. It includes expense reporting, submission and approval processes.

Because it can be integrated into the project accounting it automatically allocates expenses to the appropriate project or projects so that  project costs can be more readily identified. It includes facilities to automate business rules such as receipt association with tasks or expense claims or whether items are billable.

As with time sheets, expenses can be entered online, offline or via mobiles with the option of submitting receipts via snapshots thus minimising the amount of paper required.