Netsuite Product Packaging

As would be expected with a product set as rich and comprehensive as NetSuite offers, the functions are packaged to allow businesses, or their solution providers, to sleet the most appropriate. Each package set allows the implementor and subsequent system administrator to restrict functionality that is not relevant to the business at that time, introducing it later as the business becomes more familiar with the product or the business needs develop.

We have provided a list of NetSuite package names to help new clients understand what they are being offered by ourselves or by NetSuite at any time.

  • Netsuite ERP

    includes financials, sales and purchase processing, inventory and warehouse management plus professional services management. Note that this package is offered in an entry level mode with restrictions on numbers of users and supported functionality. Also some of the features are included in optional additional modules and there are some packages designed for particular vertical markets.

  • CRM+

    provides the customer relationship and sales management functionality. It can be bundled with NetSuite ERP or delivered separately.

  • Oneworld

    provides all the functionality required for companies with multinational subsidiaries. This includes multi-currency, multi-taxation as well as multi-language support as facilities to combine multi-currency reporting.

  • SuiteCommerce

    is NetSuite’s eCommerce software, which includes various add-ons and an advanced version. See this page for a comparison between the entry and advanced versions.

  • OpenAir

    is the professional services software designed specifically for service companies. It integrates with NetSuite financials and CRM or can be integrated to other solutions and has a different look and feel from NetSuite.

  • SuiteAnalytics

    provides facilities for business professionals to analyse their data held within NetSuite without the need for IT professionals

  • Vertical Market versions

    There are a number of different vertical market specific NetSuite packages that include elements recommended for that vertical market. These include: wholesale & distribution, manufacturing, retail, services and software.


In order for NetSuite to deliver the flexibility to offer an effective solution for a wide range of businesses it includes a number of tools with which end users, systems administrators and IT professionals can tailor a solution to meet the specific need of an organisation.

  • SuiteFlow

    is a workflow engine for developers or users to customise and automate business processes.

  • SuiteCloud Platform

    is the bundle of cloud development tools and services including infrastructure-as-a-service that enable developers to build applications that either enhance NetSuite or run separately.

  • ODBC

    module provides access to NetSuite data via any ODBC (Open Database Connectivity) compliant application.

  • SuiteFlex

    includes: SuiteScript, SuiteTalk and SuiteBuilder.

  • SuiteScript

    is to build new functions, processes and even applications then host them in NetSuite.

  • SuiteTalk

    provides the facilities and applicationrogramming interfaces to integrate NetSuite with legacy systems and third party applications, maintaining data integrity and application logic.

  • SuiteBuilder

    is the set of point and click tools enabling the personalisation and configuring of NetSuite. It allows the implementator or systems administrator to enter or change the decisions made about how the business will use NetSuite. It also provides facilities to allow additional fields or forms to be added to the system through to complex data-object manipulation.