Thames Distribution

Keystone Data have had a long-running and successful relationship with Thames Distribution, adding business-essential custom developments to their NetSuite system, managing complex integrations with other companies and providing complex, substantial support.

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Project Summary

Keystone Data have worked closely with Thames on a number of projects to help develop their NetSuite system into an efficient reflection of their business needs. Working with other Warehouses, Thames required the ability to share orders automatically and consistently whilst also being able to track and store the status of these orders. Keystone Data were able to establish the functional needs within NetSuite and produce a Workflow that supplies information from NetSuite to the other system in a format it can understand and store the confirmation details that are returned. The integration Thames now has with the other warehouse vastly improves visibility and significantly reduces error and management time.

With a comprehensive understanding of NetSuite and Thames own processes, Keystone Data are able to offer an on-going support service that fits Thames needs and is bespoke and responsive. The support isn’t simply limited to basic case responses, but a personable line of communication able to specify new work and help Thames make best use of their system.

The Client

Thames Distribution have really grown as a business since they were founded in 2006. A leading supplier of a variety of products, specialising in technology, Thames have critical processes in warehousing that require a firm investment in IT.

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