NetSuite Ecommerce

NetSuite’s Ecommerce product is fully integrated with its accounting, fulfillment, inventory and CRM functions. This allows customers – retailers or end customers – suppliers, employees and partners faster and easier access to information whenever and wherever they want.

NetSuite offer a choice of eCommerce products and Keystone Data have built an extension to the entry level NetSuite product. For a comparison of these three offerings please see this page.

Content can be tailored to meet the needs of the viewer with access password-protected to safeguard sensitive information. Ecommerce includes all the features necessary to enable a business or it’s partner to build a successful eCommerce solution as well as the tools to enable the business to manage it and update content easily without the need for specialist personnel.

NetSuite provides a pre-built site or templates designed for Wholesale and Distribution businesses to speed the development of your tailored solution.

Website hosting and content management

Easy Comps - Web Present - SmallerMultiple and customised websites can be built from a single account to support perhaps retailer customers and partners separately from end user customers. For businesses supplying across different countries or distinct marketplaces each site can have its own domain, products, language, currency and branding. Note that ultimate-language and country specific URL supprt requires the advanced version of NetSuite’s Ecommerce.

This means that distributors can create websites targeted at specific customers or types of customers. For example regular retailers could have their own terms and range of products in which they deal, whereas end customer or retailers purchasing ad hoc from the business would be offered standard products at list prices with volume discounts only. The ability to have websites in different languages and quote prices in a variety of currencies means that distributors can grow their business globally.

Because these webstores can be managed in one single, integrated account Ecommerce provides consistency across business operations from order management, fulfilment, inventory management, to financial accounting plus customer support and returns.

Websites can be easily updated with SuiteBuilder’s simple point-and-click interface.

Order management and fulfilment

When placing orders Ecommerce can help customers and reduce abandonment by the use of powerful site search tools and simple navigation and checkout facilities. Customer satisfaction can be improved by checking stock immediately and reserving awaiting order completion, or lead times can be advised and orders placed upon the factory or suppliers with minimum intervention. Where appropriate alternative products that are immediately available can be offered.

Customers experience can be enhanced by giving product recommendations based upon their browsing and purchase history, whether they purchased online, via phone, mail or physical visit. Because NetSuite tracks all inventory and orders across the business in real time when an order is placed or a request for stock availability made the latest position is made available.

In the process of taking an order online reference can be made to the customer records to ascertain whether their credit is good for the order, whether there are any special terms applicable and whether they have any special delivery terms. For added convenience Ecommerce can accept a variety of payment methods including PayPal, Google Checkout and credit cards. After order placement the customer can have online access for order tracking.

Customer self-service

Customer service can be improved by providing a web-based repair and warranty system through which customers can enter problems and track and complaints. See warranty and repair product page for details on this option. Such a service can include issue management and the provision of online product help facilities.

Customers can also be given the ability to update some of their information as well as having access to particular information like statements and outstanding invoices. All this access would be controlled via passwords with the business managing what information the customer has access to. See information on customer management.

Optimising and analysing your website

NetSuite provides SEO (search engine optimisation) tools to improve a website’s ranking including search engine friendly URLs, support for dynamic SEO meta data and canonical tag support. It also provides the data necessary in a variety of reports to allow the activity and success of the website to be monitored.