In March 2016 NetSuite Inc. announced that it had acquired IQity’s cloud business. The IQity Advanced Manufacturing SuiteApp was built on the NetSuite platform and had nearly 40 customers joint with NetSuite.

Its acquisition enhaces NetSuitesd offering to the manufacturing world by providing stronder support for batch processing manufacturing as well as various other functions including:

  • shop floor;
  • resource capacity planning;
  • finite production scheduling;
  • batch work order management;
  • integrated quality management
  • advanced data collection capabilities to track actual production results, equipment utilization, labour productivity, downtime, rework and more.

IQity includes a number of modules.

IQity Manufacturing Centre

IQity Manufacturing Centre

IQity provides a manufacturing centre that allows one centralized location by which to easily navigate to all advanced manufacturing functionality, speeding user adoptions.

Links to Capacity Planning, Production Scheduling, Quality, and more are all accessible from one simplified menu providing manufacturers the ability to effectively plan their shop floor and supply chain activities, culminating in lower operating costs.

Master Production and Finite Scheduling

For manufacturers requiring more than an infinite view of capacity IQity provides a robust Master Production Scheduling Suitelet that provides a detailed time phased schedule (finite) based on the business rules and scheduling logic defined in IQity’s manufacturing workbench records.

Rough-Cut Capacity Planning

work centre utilization

IQity’s RCP Suitelet allows manufacturers to translate either Sales Orders or Demand Plans into a capacity utilization or work centre load analysis.

Roughcut capacity is analysed both at the equipment and labour resource level allow manufacturers the ability to balance demands against available capacity.

Enhanced Work Order Management
enhanced work order management

IQity provides one consolidated view to access and perform all critical scheduling functionality improving effectiveness.

With the use of real-time production results and colour coding to denote work order status the production planner is able to make all the necessary decision to plan or re-plan to optimize customer service levels.

Shop Floor Data Collection

shop floor data collection

IQity provides NetSuite users flexible and low cost shop floor data collection options.

By using IQity’s integrated bar code scanning solution, wireless tablets or proprietary automated data collector, manufacturers are assured to have real-time schedule updates and insight into shop floor performance metrics, such as actual labour, downtime, scrap, quality and material usage transactions.