Customisation tools

Real-Time Dashboards

NetSuite role-based Dashboards provide data from all your departments, so your executives and employees can spend more time analyzing and acting on data and less time gathering it.

Plus, the Dashboard offers highly customizable graphical reports and snapshots, enabling you to drill down into the information for deeper insight. You can access key performance indicators (KPIs), such as sales, forecast, orders, support, cases, accounts receivable, items to ship, and more, anytime and anywhere. As a result, you can accelerate your business decisions and sharpen your competitive edge.

Pre-packaged Roles and Drag-and-Drop Capability

NetSuite’s Real-Time Dashboard comes with 15 pre-packaged roles and unique drag-and-drop capabilities, giving each employee within your company access to just the right information and tools. Whether you are the CEO, a Sales Executive, Finance Manager, Support Manager or Advertising Assistant, NetSuite provides you the real-time information and tools most relevant to your job function.

Report Drill-Through and Customization

In addition to over 100 standard reports in NetSuite, our reporting tools allow you to customize reports or create them “from scratch”, generate graphs, export data as CSV files, and view the reports in Microsoft Word and Excel. Addressing the needs of all your users, the Report Composer offers both a basic and advanced mode. Basic mode makes it easy for users with simpler reporting needs to generate the reports they need quickly and easily. In contrast, the advanced mode provides rich reporting flexibility; for example, users can add filters to exclude certain data or add columns to combine data.

NetSuite also supports robust business intelligence with Advanced Analytics. This feature enables users to mine database data directly through ODBC tools and use their choice of business intelligence packages, such as Business Objects.


NetSuite supports your multi-national company. NetSuite is currently available in English, French, German, Spanish, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Russian, and Japanese.


SuiteFlex is the technology platform for customization, verticalization, and business process management within NetSuite. SuiteFlex gives customers, partners and developers all the tools they need to easily customize all aspects of NetSuite. You Can Tailor NetSuite to Meet Your Exact Business Requirements.

SuiteFlex combines three tools for customization, verticalization, and business process management.

  • SuiteScript: Build new functions, processes, and entire applications and host them in NetSuite.
  • SuiteTalk: Seamlessly extend NetSuite to legacy systems and third-party vertical applications.
  • SuiteBuilder: Personalize and configure NetSuite with easy-to use, point-and-click tools.

High-End Customization without the Headaches

NetSuite addresses a major shortcoming of traditional application customization by automatically carrying forward customizations with each new release. Most mid-market or enterprise products are highly customizable—but at a high cost. The customization typically requires significant consulting resources since many of the systems’ customizations must be made via product-specific programming language. Customization of these systems is typically complex to install and even more complex to upgrade. The bane of customizations has long been the requirement for specialized migration and maintenance, thus making any upgrade an expensive time and resource-consuming drudgery. Consequently, companies all too often postpone upgrades as long as possible, or even to make the decision to switch to alternate products or platforms rather than upgrade.

NetSuite’s approach extracts the data and metadata for customizations from built-in functionality. This enables companies to have seamless customization migrations handled by NetSuite so you can carry forward your changes with the latest capabilities of NetSuite —without cost, and headache free.