Partner Relationship Management

NetSuite’s CRM+ includes the capabilities to work as closely as a business wishes with resellers, referrals and business development partners. The system allows businesses to have sight of partners’ prospecting, manage sales conflicts and measure performance whilst making available to partners as comprehensive a set of information as required to sell products or services on the business’ behalf.

Partner Records

The standard information held about partners is the same as that held for customers with additional fields for example recoring the relationship with the partner. For each partner details are held about what information they have access to and which customers are assigned to them (uniquely or shared with another partner or sales representative). Details of all contacts between the business and the partner can also be held as well as information about marketing campaigns the partner is involved in.


CRM+ provides a flexible commission management facility The types of commission offered, basis upon which they are paid and timing of the payments are functions set up and maintained by the business. Each partner is allocated a particular commission plan or plans which can be adjusted as the relationship develops or the needs of the business change.

The Online Partner Centre

Partners have access controlled by the business via the Partner Centre to information to help them succeed. Through the Partner Centre they can also log their sales and marketing activities, which allows the business to most effectively forecast demand, respond to sales by partners and provide support as needed to maximise their efforts.