Customer Relationship Management

NetSuite CRM+ provides a flexible solution that includes customer support and service plus sales force and marketing automation. It can integrate with third party, bespoke ERP or modular solutions. However, when combined with the extensive NetSuite ERP software it provides a tightly integrated solution for supporting customers and managing business relationships with them.

Customer Records

Customer information is maintained consistently so that all necessary information is available to whoever is dealing with them at any one time. This information includes contact and financial details e.g. credit limits and credit card details.

It also records marketing activities targeted at them and their reaction to such activities as well as proposals, sales, any special pricing or terms and any preferences e.g. delivery times. In addition any event, task or call associated with that customer can be recorded to ensure the best possible level of service can be given.

Customer Service and Support

NetSuite’s CRM+ provides facilities to record and manage cases (problems, queries or complaints) with any customer. The system provides a facility to establish an appropriate workflow for handling each type of case and allows businesses to set up rules for handling them including assignments, escalation rules, and setting of priorities. Customers can report problems via phone, email, letter, online or via the Customer Centre.

CRM+ also includes an issue management system designed to track product or process defects and enhancement requests with it’s own set of workflow processes, including escalation and roles. Issues can be created from cases and cases can be linked to issues, so that a customer reported problem can act as a prompt to identify a more general issue or to recognise that their problem is already being dealt with as a general issue. From the issue management system businesses can create a known product file which can be made available to customers.

Using a digital issue management system allows businesses to more easily understand issues and address them. Publicising a known problem file to customers can help them feel more involved in the business.

A further feature of CRM+ is the ability to build flexible knowledge bases which can be accessed from the Customer Centre, for internal use only or for specific external bodies like partners or

Customer Centre

NetSuite’s CRM+ includes facilities to create a customer centre that customers can access online. Through this facility customers can report problems or concerns and track their progress. They can also have access to a customer knowledge base and known problem file, where appropriate.It can also be used to allow customers to see their invoices or statements, order goods, make payments or change their payment method.

Access to the Customer Centre is controlled with each customers having access to relevant aspects of the system and specified contacts within a customer the authority to undertake different actions like report a problem or order goods.