Employee of the month

Employee of the Month

It’s 2016 and Keystone Data are doing better than ever. And a big part of that is down to the work done by our fantastic team.

But putting the “I” in team, we’d like to recognise the hard work of our very own Employee of the Month.

Our winner, Paul, wins it this month due to not just being the man keeping the office ticking over, but in the help he supplied to our customer Bladez Toyz in producing a repository to store Product Test Reports. More complicated than it sounds!

It wasn’t just ourselves that were impressed by his happy-to-help attitude, Bladez Toyz sent Paul a brand new inflatable BB-8 to say thank you!

Asked how he felt about winning the prestigious award, he replied humbly : “Thanks!”


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NetSuite and Training Options

The successful usage of a NetSuite instance is dependent upon the comfort and confidence customers feel using it. This means the right training. And as an organisation develops and its staff change, additional training is often needed to ensure customers are getting the most from NetSuite.


There are a variety of ways in which clients can acquire training, including developing their own internal courses, but when sourcing them externally there are two main sources: from NetSuite, or from a NetSuite Solution Provider. Most clients who choose a Solution Provider will use the provider responsible for implementation (at least during the implementation), but may choose an alternative for any additional training once the solution is live.


Training from NetSuite


NetSuite offer training in three ways:

1) Video or on-line free with NetSuite Answers.

2) Standard courses delivered largely on-line or via video.

3) Bespoke courses created to a client’s requirements and delivered on-line or on-site.

Below, we look at all three options in more detail.


Free courses available with NetSuite Answers:


Video-based courses can be a good way of teaching staff a particular topic. The obvious drawback to this approach is that the learning process is very much a one-way street, since their are very limited ways of interacting with a recording or receiving feedback on progress.

Nonetheless they remain a useful tool, and NetSuite provides a wide range of video-based courses that vary in time from a few minutes to 2 hours. Listed below are the categories, along with some examples of the topics covered.


Category & topic Number of videos Time lasted
Getting started 19
logging in and security best practices 7 minutes
administrator setup options 6 minutes
Financial management 22
period and year’s end close 2 hours
Fixed Asset reports, searches and troubleshooting 6 minutes
Order management 2
accepting deposits on sales orders 5 minutes
grid order entry for sales orders 34 minutes
Items/fulfilment/billing 43
general shipping enhancements parts 1 2 & 3 23 minutes total
work in process 21 minutes
Purchasing/accounts payable 6
multi currency vendors 6 minutes
accounts payable improvements 3 minutes
Services/resource planning 1 14 minutes
Contracts renewal 10
software industry overview 8 minutes
implementation considerations 8 minutes
OneWorld 20
multiple fiscal calendars 24 minutes
extended transaction numbering and audit log 8 minutes
Sales force automation 6
working with contacts 9 minutes
sales campaigns overview 6 minutes
Marketing 9
lead to customer life cycle 14 minutes
marketing and email enhancements 7 minutes
Support 2
file attachments on online forms 4 minutes
support and case management enhancements 11 minutes
Ecommerce 17
Ecommerce edition overview 10 minutes
google checkout third-party conversion tracking 5minutes
Saved searches and reports 21
dashboards defining user requirements 7 minutes
ODBC advanced reports overview 6 minutes
Administration/data 15
administrative notifications 2 minutes
custom mass update 7 minutes
Customisation/integration 22
SuiteScript introducing the SuiteCloud IDE 9 minutes
Sandbox deployment best practices 7 minutes


In addition there are a number of videos covering OpenAir, the last three new releases of NetSuite, various U.S. specific options e.g. Payroll and a number of international topics including UK online VAT filing.


NetSuite also delivers webinars from time to time on specific topics. Where they are felt to be useful as an on-going facility they are held on-line for later access. Currently there are 47 such webinars. These cover topics from Learn what’s new with 2015.1 lasting 19 minutes, to Building the best income statement lasting 50 minutes.



Standard NetSuite courses


NetSuite offers a range of standard courses, most of which are delivered on-line. Below are the ones most likely to be of relevance to a NetSuite client. These courses are aimed primarily at power users or NetSuite administrators.


With these “bread and butter” courses likely to meet the majority of customers’ needs, NetSuite is also on hand to help those of its customers with more specialised requirements, providing courses designed to help in configuring the system or adding little-used functionalities.


In both cases, clients can choose between self-study or the virtual classroom as the preferred learning method for these user-relevant courses:



Self-study provides the same lecture topics, best practices and tips as provided by instructor-led training courses in a flexible format.


Self-Study Benefits:

As a self-studying NetSuite learner-driver, you can:

  • Access training materials 24×7 for 30 days
  • Set your own schedule
  • Validate your understanding with NetSuite Instructors



The Virtual Classroom provides a rich learning experience with the convenience and flexibility of sessions scheduled in global time zones.


Virtual classes are designed to be highly interactive and are taught by seasoned NetSuite instructors, who are also specialists at teaching within the virtual classroom. As a cyber-student you are:

  • Encouraged to ask questions
  • Engage in text chats with the instructors or other students
  • Participate in group activities and interactions


The virtual environment makes it simple to share information with the class or 1:1 with an instructor.  Virtual training allows students to participate in discussions, express opinions, and even take a break just as in a classroom setting.




Course name Length of course List price in US $
Administration Fundamentals 2 days 1,600
SuiteAnalytics: Reports and Searches 2 days 1,600
SuiteAnalytics: Financial Reports and Searches 2 days 1,600
SuiteAnalytics: Advanced Searches 2 days 1,600
SuiteAnalytics: Building Executive Dashboards 2 hours 200
Marketing Automation Workshop 1 day 800



Bespoke Training from NetSuite


NetSuite’s training department can design user specific training which would usually be delivered online in the UK. It would be based on a needs analysis.


Training from Solution Providers

Most established Solution Providers would offer training to their clients. Some have produced standard courses that can be delivered on demand, or with some tailoring to meet a client’s needs.


Keystone Data, for example, has developed a standard system administration course which we usually deliver on a one to one basis. We find this enables the client to learn about the most appropriate features and gain real confidence by getting to grips with those facilities they find most challenging. In this manner, we are able to combine in a one day course the relevant features that are offered in NetSuite’s 2 day Administration Fundamentals and the SuiteAnalytics: Reports and Searches courses. Such an approach reduces the time spent training, but also eliminates the time spent learning some facility or feature that is not relevant either to the user’s company or for the specific role of the trainee.


We have also developed a series of role-specific courses that we tailor to meet the particular processes of a client and the individual needs of those clients’ users.


Whilst we typically deliver our courses on-site, we are also happy to deliver them remotely, and indeed we find such an approach can both save costs and enable the courses to be delivered more efficiently, at a time that best suits the trainee.