What is Fiori?

SAP Fiori is part of the family of user experience (UX) products that enable users to interact with SAP applications across platforms such as desktop or mobile. The solution is most commonly used with SAP Business Suite powered by SAP HANA. Fiori supports businesses across modules such as Finance, Human resources, Procurement and Sales with over 500 apps covering all major transactions.



Fiori enables users to access their enterprise software through personalised and role based interface in real time. This is achieved by apps for each transaction the user needs to work on.


UI design

The SAP Fiori Launchpad is the central point for all users. It has a single sign on page. On logging in, the user’s homepage consists of tiles each representing an app. The use can customise what he wants to see and in which order. However the apps made available to him depend on his role and his authorisations. There are three types of apps- transactional app that shows business transactions and is a lighter version of transaction codes, analytical apps that show reporting and factsheet apps for showing data about business objects.

On clicking a desired app such as My Contacts or Orders assigned to me, the user is taken to the Master list screen. Here there will be a list on the left hand side and a detail’s area on the right hand side. When an entry in the list is selected, its corresponding details are seen on the right side. If there are any items in the entity, this can be tapped to see the details without moving away from the master list. If required, the full screen can also be used where the side list is removed. Once the user designs his app interface, its stays the same across all devices.


Fiori elements have UI elements of 48px X 48px. This gives the user sufficient and comfortable touch area as well as a responsive system. All other navigation elements are the same as that of standard web applications.



SAP Fiori is based on SAP UI5 – the client version of HTML 5 and Java script with programming features enhanced to work on SAP data. This application platform is uniform through all devices. The backend SAP system can be access by SAP Netweaver gateway. SAP UI5 libraries are also required.  SAP ECC 6.0 SPS 15 is the minimum mandatory requirement to run SAP Fiori.

OData and ICF services have to be activated in the SAP Netweaver gateway for the SAP Fiori Launchpad. Once these are enabled, there will be a mapping between the OData service and the backend service. An RFC connection must also be established between the SAP Fiori Launchpad and the back-end system. This allows back end data to appear on to the front end. The minimum installation of Netweaver is  SAP_BASIS 7.00 SPS21.

Users can create their own themes for the Fiori apps by using the SAP Theme designer. It is a browser based tool where users can select any of the templates provided and change the colour, font, add pictures etc.


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