Another successful year

As we start into our fourth full year as a NetSuite Solution Provider we reflect upon another successful year. We have helped four companies go live with NetSuite, added six new clients for whom we have delivered a range of services as well as adding to our number of NetSuite connector for google apps clients.

Financially the business has nearly doubled in terms of turnover and increased profitability. Keystone Data has employed two new members of staff and extended our relationships with third parties to deliver the increased services.

2017 should be an interesting year as Oracle Corporation start to absorb NetSuite. We are very excited to see how 2017 pans out and wish all our clients and associates a successful New Year.

Sun Branding

Sun Branding Solutions – Project Completed

Sun Branding Solutions , a subsidiary of Sun Chemicals based in Bradford Yorkshire, have gone live with NetSuite after a lot of hard work from the Keystone Data team working closely with the team from Sun Branding.

Together we have implemented NetSuite Advanced Financials and OneWorld to replace a number of different products and internally developed software and provide a common fully integrated solution and provide a number of benefits.

Sun Branding

Sun Branding Solutions have signed up with Keystone Data and NetSuite

Sun Branding Solutions, a subsidiary of Sun Chemicals, have chosen Keystone Data to help them implement NetSuite and streamline their administrative processes.

Sun Branding Solutions delivers services across the entire packaging launch process for your brands, from concept and creative design through to artwork, pre-press and legal sign-off. It is based in Bradford Yorkshire with subsidiaries in London and India.

NetSuite Advanced Financials and OneWorld will replace a number of different products and internally developed software to provide a common fully integrated solution and provide a number of benefits:

  • Reduced administration
  • Increased accuracy
  • Standardisation of procedures
  • Process improvement
  • Improved reporting

Keystone Data will work with Sun Branding staff to maximise the benefits from using NetSuite.

We are delighted to have this opportunity of working with Sun Branding Solutions We very much look forward to the project and an on-going relationship.

whitestores tile

White Stores signs with Keystone Data and NetSuite

We are delighted to have signed White Stores, the UK’s largest on-line garden furniture store based in Leigh-on-Sea in Essex as another NetSuite implementation project.

This project includes introducing new processes throughout the organisation, and re-implementing their web sites to be fully integrated with NetSuite.

The project has already begun and we hope to be live in another three to four months .

We are very excited to be running such a project and expanding our knowledge of using NetSuite in the Retail sector.

Connector for Google Apps Logo

We’ve moved!

We’ve not moved too far though….

For our customers that remember our offices in Unit 13 of Holly Park Mills, you can now find us in Unit 21 of the same complex.


The full address is:

Unit 21
Holly Park Mills
Woodhall Road
LS28 5QS




Preview: SuiteCommerce Advanced Monte Blanc Release

NetSuite is looking to hit new heights with development of Monte Blanc, their upcoming release of SuiteCommerce. With a targeted release of early Q1, NetSuite is looking to up user experience and deliver greater operational efficiencies. New features are expected to include: improved support for SuiteCommerce InStore (NetSuite’s Sales Associate Interface to support Omnichannel Retail), enhanced B2B capabilities, detailed performance analysis, and increased marketing functionality.

Here are our highlights from the mountain of new features:


New Payment Options

SuitePayments will be offering some more modern alternatives to debit and credit cards in the fairly immediate future. With different methods growing in popularity, NetSuite is looking to respond with the ability to set up support for: e-wallets, mobile wallets, direct debits, vouchers and real-time bank transfers.

Multi-Channel “My Account” Experience

NetSuite wants to be the true unified, multi-channel solution; and so Monte Blanc will look to supply a “My Account” experience that delivers peerless visibility. A customer will have the ability to see online, in-store or employee-added purchases, along with information pertinent to each individual channel sale.

Store Locator

It’s hard for a retailer to forego the ability to help their customers find them. Luckily it looks like the ability to guide people to your retail is on the horizon. As is to be expected, the Store Locator will provide the standard search functionality on postcode or address.

Google Tags made simpler

The new Google Tag Manager will make implementation of dynamic tags for marketing and analytics much easier than the current hardcoded ones. Especially when combined with out-of-the-box support for Google AdWords, Google Universal Analytics, Bing Ads and Optimizely.

Diagnosing bottlenecks

Maybe a little later than Q1, but in the near term, it will be possible to speed up your website’s performance with the Application Performance Sensor (APM). The APM will add a tool to the dashboard that can help the user to pinpoint the root causes of performance issues ready to be addressed.

All these features, coupled with shareable wishlists, product comparisons and password protected sites and pricing, should help define SuiteCommerce Advanced as a truly modern platform.

Further information can be found on the NetSuite Website or if you want to talk through your Ecommerce options don’t hesitate in contacting Keystone Data today.

Eassy Composites

Easy Composites go live

Easy Composites, the Stoke-based supplier of a huge range of advanced composite materials with associated services to businesses and end users has gone live with its NetSuite implementation project.

This project included the using our JCatalogue product to re-site their website integrated with NetSuite and customisation functions.

The customization included a range of tailored user interfaces in the warehouse and customized dashboard information. Because Easy Composites supply products that fall under the Dangerous Goods Act we also included customizations to auto calculate suitable packaging for orders containing dangerous goods and auto generates highly accurate Dangerous Goods notes and Commercial Invoices.


Three new clients

Over the last few months we have won business with three new clients.


Lloyd & Barnes based in Cwmbran are an insurance advisor for whom we are developing a front end to NetSuite to handle their insurance brokerage business.


Thames Distribution based near Reading are a distributor of electronic parts and equipment for whom we have provided a tailored link between their invoices and email.


Abacus Direct based in Harrogate are a manufacturer and distributor of bathroom and heating products who have appointed Keystone Data to redesign and build their websites linking them to their new NetSuite implementation.


NetSuite 2015.2 enhancements

NetSuite 2015.2 has introduced a number of enhancements covering functional areas for both general use and vertical markets plus significant technical enhancements.

General Use functional enhancements


Period Close by Accounting Book for Multi-book accounting


If Multi-Book Accounting (introduced in 2014) has been implemented you can individually close and reopen accounting periods associated with any accounting book, without impacting your other accounting books.

When you enable the Extended Accounting Period Close Process feature, unique period close checklists become available for each of your accounting books including newly activated secondary accounting books. However, if required all books can be closed at the same time.

Custom Segments

The Custom Segments, which is part of the SuiteGL feature introduced in 2014.2 lets you create custom classification fields similar to class, department, and location. You can create an unlimited number of custom segments, define possible values for each segment, and add the segments to specific record types. People working in NetSuite can then use the segments to classify records appropriately.

In the list of available segment values, you can create hierarchal relationships. For example, a segment called Sales Region might have values such as Americas, APAC, and EMEA. However, you may also want to add options that are more specific. When you create the new options, you can specify in the segment definition that they are children of the broader geographic categories.

If appropriate, you can configure a segment to default to a specific value. You have the following options:

  • You can configure a segment to default to a static choice. This default is used on any record type where the segment appears, unless overriden. For example, suppose you have a segment called Sales Region, which includes the values Americas, EMEA, and APAC. If the majority of your records require a value of Americas, you could specify that Americas is the default.
  • You can create dynamic defaulting for specific categories of record types, such as transactions and entities. For example, you may have a segment called Sales Region that you have applied both to the Customer record type and to all sales transactions. You can configure the segment so that, when it occurs on a sales transaction, it defaults to the value selected on the corresponding customer record. This type of defaulting overrides static defaulting.

In some cases, you may want to limit a segment’s available values based on choices the user made for other segments on the same record.

For example, suppose your organisation sells merchandise worldwide. You may have multiple sales channels, such as brick-and-mortar stores, a web store, and partner outlets. However, although you may permit customers everywhere to use your web store, other channels may be available only in certain geographic regions.

In this case, you could create two segments, Sales Region and Sales Channel. You could configure a record’s Sales Channel values to be filtered based on the selection the user makes for Sales Region. For example, you could configure a Sales Region called Denmark to permit the selection of only two Sales Channel values.

You can also set up more complex filtering. You can configure a segment’s available values to be dependent on multiple segments and on other classification fields, as described below.

Filter a Segment’s Values Based on Class, Department, Location, and Subsidiary

You can set up a segment so that its values are filtered based on choices the user made in the Class, Department, Location, and Subsidiary fields. This capability is similar to the behaviour described in Filter a Segment’s Values Based on Other Segments.

For example, consider a company that sells clothing and accessories. This company may have a segment called Profit Centre, with values such as Clothing, Shoes, and Jewellery. If the company markets products to both men and women, it may also have departments called Men’s and Women’s.

Both the Men’s and Women’s departments may sell clothing and shoes, but jewellery might be available only for women. In this case, you could configure the Profit Centre segment so that its values are filtered based on the value of the Department field. A record with a Department value of Men’s would show only two of the three Profit Centre values.

You can configure segments to appear on the GL Impact page. Additionally, standard NetSuite reports can be customized to use segments as filters and columns. When a segment is used as a column, it can also be grouped with other columns.


Mobile enhancements

Whilst NetSuite is fully available via web access Android and iOS apps provide access integrated into the mobile phone or tablet. These apps have been enhanced with 2015.2 and NetSuite for Android has had upgrades largely to implement NetSuite’s strategy of creating a fully unified user experience across Android and iOS devices.

NetSuite for Android 2.0


NetSuite for Android 2.0 requires Android version 4.2 and higher.

It includes the following enhancements:

  • Complete support for all mobile supported records
  • Full record customization support (SuiteCloud), including SuiteScript, Workflow, and other record-level customization
  • Scheduling through the native Calendar feature
  • Search functionality – global and saved search support
  • Add to favourites

Scheduling via Built-in Calendar

NetSuite for Android 2.0 introduces two mobile-optimized calendar views, Week and List. These views enable you to check your NetSuite activities directly within the application. Users can create and accept new activities, as well as customize which calendar to display based on an entity, group, or resource. Users can also filter the type of activity to display based on events, phone calls, and tasks.

iPhone enhancements

Theses enhancements include: push notifications, time tracking with time bill records and Apple Watch integration

Vertical market specific enhancements

A number of enhancements have been introduced that are most relevant for particular markets, but may be of interest to other organisations, especially if controlling procurement is an issue.

Wholesale Distributors & Manufacturers

The latest version of NetSuite which will be rolled out to all users in the next few months includes three features specifically targeted to meet the needs of Wholesale Distributors and Manufacturers.

  • Group Average Costing
  • New procurement dashboard
  • Simpler requisitions for dealing with preferred vendors
  • Order Requisition Enhancements
  • Improved warranty and repair

For more details see 2015.2 for Wholesale Distributors and Manufacturers.

Service organisations


Enhancement specifically designed for service organisations include:

  • Enhanced resource allocations
  • Charge-Based Billing Enhancements
    • Billing Caps for Split Time
    • New Employee Field on Charges
    • Recurring Fixed Date Charge Rules
  • Recurring Billing Enhancements
    • Multi-Queue Support for Recurring Billing Batch Processes
    • Billing forecast reports
    • Rollback Bill Date

For more details see 2015.2 for Service Organisations.

Technical enhancements

Hierarchical Custom Record Types

Version 2015 Release 2 supports hierarchies between records of the same custom record type. A new Hierarchy option is available on the custom record type definition page. When this option is enabled, you can define a parent-child hierarchy between two records of that type. This hierarchy can be defined either on the parent record or on the child records.

For example, if you have defined a custom record type that stores employee information, you can set up hierarchies among records of this type to reflect each employee’s supervisor. First, you must enable the Hierarchy option for the custom employee record type.

Preview of Advanced PDF/HTML Template Output

As of Version 2015 Release 2, the advanced PDF/HTML template editor supports preview of template output. Before this release, if you wanted to view template output or check for template errors, you had to save a template, associate it with a custom form, associate the custom form with a transaction, then print the transaction. Now, as you are editing a template, you can click the Preview button to generate a sample PDF based on the current template definition. The Preview button is available in both WYSIWYG and source code modes.

SuiteCloud Platform Enhancements

Search results can be sorted in language specific orders. Also csv imports have been simplified by the use of flexible delimiters.


Application performance monitor

Detailed information about performance of applications allows users to identify any problems in performance that may come about due to customisations, business workflow or other issues. Once identified the users (or Solution Provider) can make informed decisions about how best to improve performance.

The new Application Performance Management SuiteApp supports monitoring and management of NetSuite performance for business critical operations. Account administrators can use this SuiteApp to review the performance of the NetSuite user interface, including customizations such as scripts and workflows. This SuiteApp compiles information into a performance dashboard that serves as a starting point for performance troubleshooting. This dashboard can be configured to filter and sort performance data for selected time periods and record pages. Visual indicators on the dashboard highlight performance issues and outliers, with more details available in portlets and quick links. Additional context for performance analysis is provided by a page time summary, script analysis, and performance data visualizations in a variety of chart types.

This SuiteApp supports the following tasks:

  • Identification of performance opportunities or degradation, and prioritization of issues based on usage and traffic.
  • Viewing of performance metrics for important record pages and assessment of system health and trends.
  • Drilling down to performance details for specific record types, operations, and instances.
  • Viewing of response times allocated by client, server, and network.
  • Performance monitoring of user event scripts, workflows, RESTlets, scheduled scripts, and Suitelets.


SuiteScript 2.0

Has been significantly enhanced to make customisation easier and more easily undertaken by developers with no SuiteScript experience.

More powerful APIs to JavaScript standards and designed to meet best current industry practice so that JavaScript developers can more easily use SuiteScript. The API is clean, cohesive, expressive and modularised. New APIs have also been introduced.

Intuitive developer with reduced reliance on documentation. Also various standard modules for example records and search modules.

Syntax enhancements have been introduced as well as parameter improvements.

Full backwards compatibility is offered with SuiteScript 1.0 scripts and allow scripts with different API versions to co-exist in the same account, record type and SuiteApp. This means customers need not update any existing scripts and can continue to use version 1.0 for new scripts whilst introducing version 2.0.

More details are available in the post SuiteScript 2.0.