Intelligent Delivery

The range of delivery services provided by an e-commerce businesses can make the difference between a sale and a lost opportunity. Customers today may prefer to wait longer or to pick the order themselves from a pick-up point than to pay a delivery fee. Conversely, some clients would be ready to pay a higher delivery fee if the order will be delivered in the next 2 to 24 hours.

Your business needs to provide a wide range of delivery options to satisfy all customers. With NetSuite you can easily get your delivery process at very high standards. Keystone Data has developed a delivery script which can be customised to every business. This script takes into account the address of the client, the weight and the size of the item. It then returns a list with all delivery methods available. This script gives your e-commerce business the ability to make intelligent delivery not only in terms of what carrier to chose but also of what box type to chose.


  1. The ability to chose the best carrier/ delivery service for a specific address.
  2. Efficient matching of an order with a relevant box type.
  3. Freedom in choosing the date of the delivery.
  4. Increase efficiency and customer satisfaction.



Automatic Print Queue For NetSuite

Do you want to print invoice documents, item fulfilment documents etc. automatically? Look no further Keystone Data has the solution to your problems.

KeyStone Data has developed a custom record which makes possible automatic printing of every document inside NetSuite without the need of physically downloading it. This particular feature comes with unlimited freedom in selecting which printer to use for the job.



Another important aspect is the ability to send files/documents to different remote computers through a windows application and an associated restlet. For example, the ability to export any saved search result as a csv file. This functionality is used in many of the parcel carrier integration which Keystone Data provides such as: TNT mail integration, Royal Mail integration.

This record/app is very useful for companies that have high volumes of shipments and for any firm that wants to improve its efficiency.

To conclude, the below list contains the main benefits of this feature:

  1. This feature enables automatic printing/ updating of specific documents.
  2. Freedom in choosing the printer.
  3. Exporting data to a remote/local computer.
  4. Importing data from a remote/local computer.
  5. Saved search results can no be printed or exported automatically.

Please feel free to contact us for any questions.

Have a nice day!


Shipping Integration

In a world where efficiency is a key factor for the success and profitability of a business Keystone Data developed the perfect product to save time and effort. With just one click you will be able to send all the delivery details to your selected carrier and at the same time get back the tracking number assigned to that delivery.

Untitled-2At the point of shipping the order in NetSuite a script will send the shipment details to the carrier. Once the details are in, the carrier will send back the tracking number which will then be displayed on the dispatch e-mail and on the item fulfilment. Also carrier shipping labels will be automatically printed. Say goodbye to manually inputting the delivery details for each order.


  1. The product will speed up the shipment process and make it more efficient.
  2. The client has access to his tracking number withing seconds from the shipment of his order.
  3. Automatic printing of shipping labels for the desired carrier.
  4. Frees up human resources.


We encourage you to contact us and get a taste of this product which will change the way you ship items and it will give your business more freedom.

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kit components

Kit Components Tree

Hello Everyone!

We’ve just developed a new way of looking at your KIT components in a more user friendly manner.

As you can see in the picture below KIT5 is made of KIT1 which is made of inventory items INVN-1 and INVN-2. In a simple scenario where a KIT is made only of inventory items you could easily find and access them from the item tab. In a complex case where your KIT is made of multiple KITS which in turn are made of multiple items you would have to dig different levels and open many tabs to be able to access the information and then use the information to create a complete list of the components.

Luckily, we at KeyStone Data developed a custom high level visual map which is available at the KIT level and lets you navigate through all the components of your KIT. The way we do this is through an IFRAME which access a SUITELET. The SUITELET finds out the children of your particular KIT and returns it in a HTML format.


If you are interested about this bundle please give us a shout.


Hope this helps, Have a nice day!

KeyStone Data





Mass data deletion from NetSuite

Hello Everyone!


Today’s issue is related to cleaning a client account of test and unwanted items/transaction without manually deleting them one by one. NetSuite provides a Mass Deletion within Lists-> Mass Updates tab as you can see below.




The problem with this is that not everything can be mass deleted, for example you can mass delete Reports but you cannot do the same for Transactions. (see below pic)


Fortunately we at KEYSTONE DATA have the solution which can be customized to your needs.

  1. Create a Saved Search by the criteria you want.
  2. Implement a script which will delete all items from the Saved Search.

Please bear in mind that the maximum items/transaction that you can delete in the same time in NetSuite is 1000, thus if you would like to delete 10 000 items/transactions you just need to make the script loop(scheduled).


I hope this was helpful, have a nice day!




NetSuite – Aftership Integration

NetSuite as standard is integrated with UPS and FedEx. Also as a NetSuite partner we regularly integrate with other carries such TNT, The Post Office and Parcel Force for our clients.

These integrations allow us to automatically generate carrier labels when goods are scanned out of warehouse and pull tracking no. back into NetSuite. However in order to provide an excellent level of customer service we need to be able to update our customer at any moment in time on where exactly is their order. For example we ship one pencil and we get a tracking no. which we then use to interrogate our carrier website to get the details that we need.

One way of doing this is to create a script in NetSuite for each carrier, or you could use AfterShip app which will do this for you, thus you will only need to create one NetSuite script which links NetSuite to AfterShip. The result is that you reduce the number of scripts that you have to create/to run in order to have access to all your tracking no. independent of the carrier.



If you need more clarification don’t hesitate to contact us, thank you everyone and have a nice day!