Employee of the month

Employee of the Month

It’s 2016 and Keystone Data are doing better than ever. And a big part of that is down to the work done by our fantastic team.

But putting the “I” in team, we’d like to recognise the hard work of our very own Employee of the Month.

Our winner, Paul, wins it this month due to not just being the man keeping the office ticking over, but in the help he supplied to our customer Bladez Toyz in producing a repository to store Product Test Reports. More complicated than it sounds!

It wasn’t just ourselves that were impressed by his happy-to-help attitude, Bladez Toyz sent Paul a brand new inflatable BB-8 to say thank you!

Asked how he felt about winning the prestigious award, he replied humbly : “Thanks!”


Eassy Composites

Easy Composites go live

Easy Composites, the Stoke-based supplier of a huge range of advanced composite materials with associated services to businesses and end users has gone live with its NetSuite implementation project.

This project included the using our JCatalogue product to re-site their website integrated with NetSuite and customisation functions.

The customization included a range of tailored user interfaces in the warehouse and customized dashboard information. Because Easy Composites supply products that fall under the Dangerous Goods Act we also included customizations to auto calculate suitable packaging for orders containing dangerous goods and auto generates highly accurate Dangerous Goods notes and Commercial Invoices.