White papers for the Software Industry

NetSuite has sponsored, co-sponsored or produced a number of white papers specifically aimed at the wholesale and distribution market. Whilst these inevitably have a US bias, we felt the following may also be useful for UK based companies.

Please contact us if you would like a copy of any of them.

Revenue Recognition Changes Coming Sooner Than You Think

Five Key Considerations for Adopting ASU 2014-09

Written by NetSuite in 2014
The new accounting standards for revenue recognition from FASB (ASU2014-09) and from IASB (IFRS) come into effect in January 2017. This paper highlights the issues involved in complying with them and how NetSuite’s revenue recognition module can help.

  • Selling Solutions vs. Products
  • Financial Statement Transition Presentation
  • Sales Compensation
  • Expense Matching
  • Investor, Board and Tax Communications

Strategies for Optimizing Recurring Revenue Models in the Software Industry

Adapted from The Coming of the 3rd Platform and What This Means for Business Models by Amy Konary, Robert Mahowald, and Vanessa Thompson, IDC #240918 in November 2013

The sections cover:

  • Trends in Subscription-Based Business Models
  • Positioning Subscription with Customers and Other Stakeholders
  • Advanced Approaches
  • Key Metrics for Tracking Success
  • Challenges and Opportunities with Subscription
  • Considering NetSuite’s Approach to Subscription Management