KPIs in the Service Industry Sector

NetSuite recently commissioned SL Associates to research what KPIs were most important to NetSuite’s service industry customers and what results they were getting through using NetSuite.

Whilst organizations classified as in the service industry vary greatly including IT service, financial services, media and marketing agencies and consulting. A separate report is available for customers in the software business.

These KPIs fell into a number of categories as follows:

Business Visibility

360° Visibility & Actionable Insights.

Financial Management

Collection Time for Account Receivables, Time to Close Financial Books & Accounting Staff Productivity.

Professional Service Engagement Management

Availability and Utilization of Resources, Report Generation Time & Sales Productivity and Capacity.

Sales and Management

Sales Productivity and Capacity.

IT Management

IT Support Resource Costs, Cost to Purchase and Maintain Servers & Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery Costs.

Improvements were found across all KPIs including Collection Time for Account Receivables improved by between 30 and 45% and Availability and Utilization of Resources improved by 20 to 40%.

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