Service Industries

NetSuite’s ERP solution is enhanced by many facilities designed for service companies. It is used by over 1,500 service companies worldwide some of which are referenced here. The type of Service Company using NetSuite includes cleaning services, TV broadcast, car rental, media and marketing agencies, consulting, public sector and educational, law, market research, financial services , software companies and IT services.

In the UK NetSuite service company clients include Cynergi Cleaning and Support Services, Imagine Financial Security, Redstor, The Superyacht Group, Euroclean and Innovise. Keystone Data’s UK clients in the service industry include RCB Cleaning, Avatu, Sagegreen Consulting and Lloyd and Barnes.

NetSuite offers Service Resource Planning (SRP) to enable services companies to better plan the availability of resources – staff or sub-contractors with appropriate skills or associated inventory or services – against demand. Time recording and advanced project management can be implemented separately or as part of SRP.