White Papers for the non-profit sector

NetSuite has sponsored, co-sponsored or produced a number of white papers specifically aimed at the non-profit sector. Whilst these inevitably have a US bias, we felt the following may also be useful for UK based organisations.
Please contact us if you would like a copy of any of them.

  • Five Trends in Nonprofit Technology An article highlighting the ways in which non-profit organisations in US are using technology. Written February 2014 by Laura Quinn of Idealware. The five areas are: CRM, Metrics, Data, Cloud and Mobile.
  • Four Signs Your Nonprofit Organization Has Reached the Limits of QuickBooks
  • A white paper identifying the four signs that a non-profit organisation has outgrown an entry-level accounting system – in this case quickbooks. Written in 2013 by NetSuite. The four signs are:
    It’s Too Hard to Find Out What’s Happening Across Your Organisation in Real Time
    QuickBooks Gives You Limited Visibility into Key Metrics
    QuickBooks’ Limited Functionality Won’t Scale with Your Organisation WithQuickBooks,
    You Always Worry About IT Issues and Costs