KPIs in the non-profit sector

NetSuite recently commissioned SL Associates to research what KPIs were most important to NetSuite’s non-profit customers and what results they were getting through using NetSuite.

These KPIs fell into a number of categories as follows:

Business Visibility

360° Visibility & Actionable Insights.

Financial Management

Reporting Time and Resources, Time to Close Financial Books, Time Required for Compliance Support & Accounting Staff Productivity.

Non-profit Mission Performance

Programme Revenue Leakage, Cost of Servicing the Mission & Number of Donors and Grant per Donor.

IT Management

IT Support Resource Costs & Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery Costs.

Improvements were found across all KPIs including Time Required for Compliance Support decreased by between 30 and 50% and Cost of Servicing the Mission reduced by 35 to 50%.

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