Not-for-profit organizations

NetSuite offers most of the functionality required by not-for-profit organizations to administer and manage their businesses. A number of such organisations use it in the UK and globally.

Whilst the operations of such organizations varies widely all of them can benefit from the fundamental features and functionality delivered by NetSuite. These include its true cloud based Software as a Service delivery allowing the number of users to be increased or decreased at will and users to access the system from anywhere providing they have access to the web. The flexibility of the system to be customised, integrated with other solutions (on premise or in the cloud) and to add functionality without compromising the underlying product is also important as it means clients will always be on the most up to date version.

The fully integrated financial and CRM system provide the core of the solution, with the flexibility to handle any not-for-profit organization’s needs. For many not-for-profit organizations there is a need to distinguish between donors of various types (individual, corporate, government, other non-for-profit) and customers who buy services or products from them. This can be achieved in NetSuite’s CRM and income transactions can be identified as being donations or purchases.

Another key requirement is for a system that helps in marketing the organization to increase donations – or sell products or services. NetSuite’s marketing management module provides all the tools necessary to manage marketing campaigns and assess the success of such campaigns giving the information necessary to identify which campaigns were most successful from a cost/benefit perspective.

For many not-for-profit organizations managing fixed assets and/or inventory is a requirement, often an audit necessity. Fixed asset management and inventory management is an integral part of NetSuite’s ERP solution.

Another major issue for some not-for-profit organizations is managing partner agencies who deliver programmes, usually in physically diverse locations, maybe in different countries. NetSuite’s concept of a partner and associated Partner Center provides a solution to this. Partners can be given on-line access to information and the ability to enter updates to their programmes.

Not-for-profit clients have reported a range of benefits from implementing NetSuite.

UK based not-for-profit NetSuite clients include AbilityNet and Cord. Some of NetSuite’s global not for profit organisations are referenced here.

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