NetSuite has sponsored, co-sponsored or produced a number of white papers specifically aimed at the wholesale and distribution market. Whilst these inevitably have a US bias, we felt the following may also be useful for UK based companies.

Please contact us if you would like a copy of any of them.

Maturity Ladder: Constructing an Omnichannel Platform. The RIS News Retail IQ Report Maturity Ladder is a diagnostic measurement tool for a retailer’s state of technology advancement in a specific category. (July 2016)

26th Annual Retail Technology Study from RIS This year’s benchmark study is based on input from 102 retailers who completed all questions in our comprehensive survey. (June 2016)

A Race for Retail Relevance – A Race for Retail Relevance – PwC’s annual survey of online shoppers reveals the new ways consumers are researching and making their apparel purchases, both at home and in the store, as published in Apparel magazine. (April 2016)

Customer Commerce: Turing Your ERP Inside Out: Build Your Business Around Your Customers, Not Channels. (December 2015)

5 Pillars to Unlimited Retail Growth: This E-book offers clear direction to help retailers and brand manufacturers implement the five steps to customer-centric success, using real-world examples backed by industry research and statistics. (July 2015)

Profitable Growth in the Outdoor Retail Business: Level the Playing Field Using Cloud-Based Technology. Competing successfully in the outdoor sports, gear and apparel business isn’t easy. It requires passion, dedication and the right combination of products and effort to be successful. Far too often, smaller organizations are forced to dedicate crucial personnel to managing IT applications instead of driving the business. Cloud computing can change the equation for outdoor specialty brands and enable business success. (March 2015)