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Intelligent Delivery

The range of delivery services provided by an e-commerce businesses can make the difference between a sale and a lost opportunity. Customers today may prefer to wait longer or to pick the order themselves from a pick-up point than to pay a delivery fee. Conversely, some clients would be ready to pay a higher delivery […]

Automatic Print Queue For NetSuite

Do you want to print invoice documents, item fulfilment documents etc. automatically? Look no further Keystone Data has the solution to your problems. KeyStone Data has developed a custom record which makes possible automatic printing of every document inside NetSuite without the need of physically downloading it. This particular feature comes with unlimited freedom in […]

Mass data deletion from NetSuite

Hello Everyone!   Today’s issue is related to cleaning a client account of test and unwanted items/transaction without manually deleting them one by one. NetSuite provides a Mass Deletion within Lists-> Mass Updates tab as you can see below.     The problem with this is that not everything can be mass deleted, for example you […]

NetSuite – Aftership Integration

NetSuite as standard is integrated with UPS and FedEx. Also as a NetSuite partner we regularly integrate with other carries such TNT, The Post Office and Parcel Force for our clients. These integrations allow us to automatically generate carrier labels when goods are scanned out of warehouse and pull tracking no. back into NetSuite. However […]

Netsuite Available Kit Quantity

Hello people of NETSUITE land! Today’s issue that we at Keystone Data tackled was to have the available kit quantity easily accessible for internal (client access-backend) and external(available on website-fronend) purposes. For example we need to calculate the available KIT A quantity which consists of 1 inventory ITEM GREEN,  1 YELLOW and 1 ORANGE each […]

We’ve moved!

We’ve not moved too far though…. For our customers that remember our offices in Unit 13 of Holly Park Mills, you can now find us in Unit 21 of the same complex.   The full address is: Unit 21 Holly Park Mills Woodhall Road Calverley LS28 5QS    

Defining your Customer Case Management and Support Process

As a software implementation and development company, we provide high level support to a wide range of companies. Along the way we have refined our process to meet our customer’s and our own needs. Practically speaking, it’s important your Support system provides the best Customer Service for your customers and the upmost visibility for your […]