Intelligent Delivery

The range of delivery services provided by an e-commerce businesses can make the difference between a sale and a lost opportunity. Customers today may prefer to wait longer or to pick the order themselves from a pick-up point than to pay a delivery fee. Conversely, some clients would be ready to pay a higher delivery fee if the order will be delivered in the next 2 to 24 hours.

Your business needs to provide a wide range of delivery options to satisfy all customers. With NetSuite you can easily get your delivery process at very high standards. Keystone Data has developed a delivery script which can be customised to every business. This script takes into account the address of the client, the weight and the size of the item. It then returns a list with all delivery methods available. This script gives your e-commerce business the ability to make intelligent delivery not only in terms of what carrier to chose but also of what box type to chose.


  1. The ability to chose the best carrier/ delivery service for a specific address.
  2. Efficient matching of an order with a relevant box type.
  3. Freedom in choosing the date of the delivery.
  4. Increase efficiency and customer satisfaction.