What functionality enhancements are expected in NetSuite ERP release 2016.2?

NetSuite Release 2016.2 will be rolled out over the next few months. NetSuite have published plans which include the areas listed below. It is recognised that some features may not be available in the 2016.2 release timeframe.


  • Change to Merging Accounts Quick Close Accounting Period
  • Statutory Chart of Accounts
  • Cumulative Translation Adjustment (CTA) Balance Audit Report
  • Enhancements in Advanced Revenue Management
  • Journal Entry Approval Workflow
  • Legal Name in Chart of Accounts
  • Change to Accounting Periods Feature in Accounts That Are Not OneWorld
  • Allocation Schedule Enhancement
  • Fixed Assets Management Enhancements

Employee Management

  • Management
  • Weekly Timesheets
  • Time Tracking Enhancements
  • Time Approval Enhancements

Items and Inventory Management

  • Commit Orders Scheduling
  • Replenish Location by Transfer Order
  • Withdraw by Transfer Order
  • Phantom BOM
  • Transfer Order Enhancements
  • Item Ordering Enhancements
  • In-Process Work Order and Assembly Build Editing
  • Matrix Items Name Template

Order Management

  • Fulfilment Requests
  • Location Record Enhancements
  • New Advanced Order Management Setup Page
  • New Fulfilment Workload Distribution Rule
  • Rerun Automatic Location Assignment
  • Void Payment Authorizations
  • Changes to How Charges Are Added to Some Transactions
  • Customer Hierarchy Size Limit
  • Support for FedEx Services
  • Support for ZPL Label Printing Format
  • Preview Payment Processing Profiles for Websites and Subsidiaries
  • Updated Payment-Processing Field Labels
  • Contract Renewals Enhancements
  • Automatic Chargeback Workflow Processing
  • Electronic Payments Enhancements
  • Grid Order Management Enhancements


  • Project Billing Rate Cards
  • Project Revenue Recognition
  • Project Template Enhancements