Work Order Withdrawals – Putting stock back into NetSuite

Standard NetSuite functionality does now allow over-allocated items in a work order to be returned back into stock. We recently developed a solution for one of our clients to bring items back into stock. This functionality is available after a work order has been saved:




Component 1 of this work order was over-allocated; the work order required a quantity of 10 of component 1, but the pack is only available in quantity of 20’s, thus we will bring back 10 of component 1.





Notice that component 1 was initially picked from 2 bin locations. The ‘returned to bin’ field contains the bin number that the components were removed from, thus we can return some of component 1 to one bin and to another bin.

When entering the returned quantity, notice the check box ticks automatically.




Click save on the work order withdrawal. At this point, an inventory adjustment is posted. The work order withdrawal status remains at ‘pending’ until the work order is closed. The account postings shown on the lines tab do not post until the work order withdrawal status is complete.






Clicking on the ‘inventory adjustment’ brings up the standard inventory adjustment functionality in NetSuite. This screen cannot be edited to remove the risk of the work order withdrawal and inventory adjustment quantities being changed separately. To adjust the inventory adjustment, the work order withdrawal amounts must be edited.




Back on the Work Order, related Work Order Withdrawals can be found on the related records tab:




When work order is closed, the work order withdrawal is posted to the WIP account. If you’d like to find out more about this feature, please do not hesitate to contact us: