Preview: SuiteCommerce Advanced Monte Blanc Release

NetSuite is looking to hit new heights with development of Monte Blanc, their upcoming release of SuiteCommerce. With a targeted release of early Q1, NetSuite is looking to up user experience and deliver greater operational efficiencies. New features are expected to include: improved support for SuiteCommerce InStore (NetSuite’s Sales Associate Interface to support Omnichannel Retail), enhanced B2B capabilities, detailed performance analysis, and increased marketing functionality.

Here are our highlights from the mountain of new features:


New Payment Options

SuitePayments will be offering some more modern alternatives to debit and credit cards in the fairly immediate future. With different methods growing in popularity, NetSuite is looking to respond with the ability to set up support for: e-wallets, mobile wallets, direct debits, vouchers and real-time bank transfers.

Multi-Channel “My Account” Experience

NetSuite wants to be the true unified, multi-channel solution; and so Monte Blanc will look to supply a “My Account” experience that delivers peerless visibility. A customer will have the ability to see online, in-store or employee-added purchases, along with information pertinent to each individual channel sale.

Store Locator

It’s hard for a retailer to forego the ability to help their customers find them. Luckily it looks like the ability to guide people to your retail is on the horizon. As is to be expected, the Store Locator will provide the standard search functionality on postcode or address.

Google Tags made simpler

The new Google Tag Manager will make implementation of dynamic tags for marketing and analytics much easier than the current hardcoded ones. Especially when combined with out-of-the-box support for Google AdWords, Google Universal Analytics, Bing Ads and Optimizely.

Diagnosing bottlenecks

Maybe a little later than Q1, but in the near term, it will be possible to speed up your website’s performance with the Application Performance Sensor (APM). The APM will add a tool to the dashboard that can help the user to pinpoint the root causes of performance issues ready to be addressed.

All these features, coupled with shareable wishlists, product comparisons and password protected sites and pricing, should help define SuiteCommerce Advanced as a truly modern platform.

Further information can be found on the NetSuite Website or if you want to talk through your Ecommerce options don’t hesitate in contacting Keystone Data today.