Vertical market sub-listing

One of our clients wanted to be able to record vertical markets in a hierarchy. For example Retail with sub lists of hardware shops, supermarkets, specialist shops etc

The vertical market field provided as standard in Netsuite does not directly support this and we considered the option of a coding system to provide it.

For example:
20 any retail
21 hardware shops
22 supermarkets
23 specialist shops

But we thought this could get rather cumbersome and would require a lot of consideration to ensure the coding system supported the sort of vertical markets likely to be wanted.

Another option considered was to implement a bespoke solution with a custom field but we always prefer to avoid bespoke or customisation when possible,

We then realised that the free official bundle ‘enhanced sales center’ includes a field ‘industry’ and that this supports sub listing.

The further advantage of using this field is that the ‘vertical market’ field can now be used for other important characteristic about customers that is not recorded in any other standard field.

vertical markets sub-list