Codie award

NetSuite Score SIIA CODiE Hat Trick

What Are The SIIA CODiE Awards?

The CODiEs are a series of highly prestigious awards granted by the Software & Information Industry Association (SIIA) for outstanding accomplishments in those fields. With Netsuite OneWorld’s recent 2015 award for Best Financial Management Solution marking its third such win in as many years, NetSuite has cemented its position as a global front-runner; as Zach Nelson, NetSuite CEO, observed, NetSuite is now “the industry’s leading cloud provider of global ERP and financial management,” adding that “NetSuite OneWorld is the leading cloud-based business management solution on the planet.”

Why Are The CODiEs So Highly Respected?

Well, the rigorous judging process undoubtedly plays a large part in that. First, the nominated product is subjected to an extensive and thorough analysis by the doyennes of the software industry: business analysts, executives, and representatives of the media, to name a few. Their job is to judge the nominated products, and ultimately to each award it a score. First, each product gets a thorough and professional assessment by two of these software experts-cum judges; these judges then utilise a system developed by SIIA to award the product a numerical score. The two scores received by the product are amalgamated into an average, and this score then determines the finalists (122 made the cut in the software category this year).
These finalists then undergo a second analysis, this time by members of SIIA. This “second tier” of judges, like the first, are required to score the products that made it through as finalists, and developers of the product are permitted to submit complimentary video information and relevant web links to further support their entries. The SIIA members then allocate each finalist a score of their own.

Finally, both scores are utilised to determine which of the finalists are worthy of a CODiE award. It is this exacting, double-layered review process, combined with the unique way in which winners are entirely peer-determined, that makes a CODiE award such a standard of excellence… and NetSuite’s remarkable award of a third CODiE such a collective triumph for all NetSuite employees.

This year, there were 29 winners in the software category, this modest number reflecting the exclusivity and prestige of these awards.

So, How Does Netsuite Keep Impressing This Peer-Panel Of Experts?
As we know, NetSuite continues, through innovative product development and expansion, to save companies money whilst simultaneously enabling them to improve performance, security and productivity. NetSuite does this by offering businesses a variety of cloud-based SaaS products capable of handling all aspects of a business, from CRM to ERP, in a manner which is both cost-effective and productive in comparison to increasingly outmoded, obsolete on-site Legacy hardware systems (and the similarly-afflicted armies of code writers and repairers who, all too often, represent an inevitable and expensive counterpart to these systems). During the earlier phase of NetSuite’s existence, these products and services were aimed largely at start-up and medium-sized businesses.
This period of the company’s life, as well as paving the way for its present pre-eminence, is also littered with success in its own right, as an over-flowing award cabinet bears witness to.
In this instance, however, it’s NetSuite OneWorld product that is the star of the SIIA show. NetSuite OneWorld does all of the above, but is designed especially for business management on the multi-national stage. Companies operating from cross-border locations naturally have to contend with numerous taxation and currency legislation. This is where NetSuite OneWorld service, the very first of its type that was built for the demands of such companies, roles up its sleeves and breaks some serious new ground… and impresses one or two select judges at the same time. Translating into 19 languages and fully functional with over 190 currencies (not to mention those currencies’ individual taxation requirements), it is capable of ensuring that a company juggling the accompanying legal requirements will automatically be in compliance with them all. And it can do this for over 50 countries, allowing the business owner to observe in real-time the functioning of his or her multi-national company in a way never before possible.
As the reader will have surmised by now, it takes a lot to win one of those CODiEs. In doing so three times in a row, NetSuite demonstrate that they can deliver a lot.

It Sounds Like A Pretty Cut-Throat Competition?

Actually, no; competition is fierce but friendly. Obviously, NetSuite enjoys being the best at what it does, but like all the competitors, they are also there to celebrate the progression of the industry as a whole. This, after all, was the spirit in which the award ceremony was founded back in 1986 (an eon in our industry). Rhianna Collier, Vice President and General Manager for the Software and Services Division at SIIA, clearly shares that spirit; speaking after the 2015 ceremony, she said that “SIIA’s 2015 Software CODiE Award winners are some of the most innovative, high-impact software products in the market. We congratulate all of this year’s CODiE Award winners, and thank them for the contributions they have made to the software industry.” Fine sentiments, which speak highly of Vice President Collier… and, one can’t help thinking, for three-time CODiE award winner NetSuite, too!