cloud ERP

Five business reasons to choose a true cloud based ERP solution

Improved software reliability. An ERP solution is used by many parts of a business, including those that are business critical. Therefore it is important for the system to be available. But all software has errors. With a cloud based solution the resolution to any errors are immediately made  available to users. With a premises based or bureau based system, there is always a time gap between the error being resolved by the software provider and the software update being implemented on the client’s system. Such a delay is likely to be days and could be weeks.


Immediate update of functionality. The wide functionality of an ERP system means there are going to be regular enhancements made available. Most businesses will want to have access to such enhancements as soon as possible. A cloud based solution makes such enhancements available immediately. This is contrasted with an on-premises or bureau type solution where any upgrade requires planning and may involve considerable disruption and expense. Because of this such systems rarely run on the latest versions and therefore users cannot take advantage of the enhancements made available by the software supplier.


Mobile access. Because at least some business users are likely to be based out of  the office for much of their work, the availability of a secure, reliable access to ERP is essential. This is a fundamental facility with a cloud based ERP solution.


Set up new offices quickly. Most businesses grow or change by moving offices or setting up remote offices, which may be anywhere in the world. For such offices being able to set up access to their appropriate ERP functionality quickly, cheaply and reliably is essential. A cloud-based ERP solution is ideal for this as all it requires is that the office has access to the internet.


Known costs. For most businesses being able to predict the costs of its ERP solution over the lifetime of its use it important. With a cloud based ERP solution, the costs are known: usually it is a price per user plus a cost for using the system. With on-premises or bureau-type solutions the costs for upgrades are unpredictable: how much time will an upgrade take, what other aspects will need to be upgraded (server hardware or operating environment, pcs hardware or operating environment) and what will it cost in terms of time and purchase to undertake such upgrades.