Microsoft announce strategic cloud partnership with NetSuite

Today at SuiteWorld Satya Nadella announced a strategic partnership with NetSuite.  Although full details of the partnership are to be confirmed this partnership could be of great interest for customers running office 365.

Office 365 is the most popular platform for email and document management with Google for work being the next most popular option.

However integration between cloud based ERP systems and Office 365 has been notably limited.  For example, Microsoft Dynamics Nav Partners and customers often complain about the poor integration between Dynamics cloud edition and Office 365.

In the coming months it will be interesting to see what this partnership will mean for customers.

Zach Nelson also mentioned using Azure Data Centres, this perhaps might drive NetSuites choice of Data Centre in the upcoming opening of a European Data Centre for the organisation.

Some have sighted the possibility that NetSuite SuiteApp developers might be pointed towards Azure for a development and testing platform for SuiteApps.  However this seems unlikely as SuiteApps are developed natively in the NetSuite Environment.


SAP’s competitive offering

Zach Nelson also mentioned at the keynote that SAP are struggling to provide a cloud based product which completes on the same level as NetSuite, noting that their new product SAP “Simple Finance” will never be a true cloud product due to its complexity and extensive configuration required in a single installation.