Pushing information from records onto transactions

Recently, I’ve had a few requests to push information from fields on the customer record to the main body of a transaction.  For example, you may have the comments field on the customer record that you’d like to appear when a customer’s name is input on the sales order:




Let’s go through this!

Navigate to: Customization   >   Lists, Records & Fields   >   Transaction Body Field   >   New


  • Enter a label and ID. Make sure that your ID begins with an underscore.
  • Ensure that ‘store value’ is not checked and select type ‘text area’.
  • Apply this field to ‘Sale’.


On the ‘Sourcing & Filtering’ tab, select ‘Customer’ from the source list and ‘Comments’ from the Source From list.




On the ‘Display’ tab, select ‘Main’ for the field to appear in the main section of the sales transaction and click the ‘save’ button. Now, when a customer name is entered on a sales transaction, the customer’s comments also appear! You can customise the form to move the comments box to wherever you’d like it to be placed.