NetSuite publishes ‘e-book’ on General Business KPIs

KPINetSuite commissioned from SL Associates published a number of research projects into what Key Performance Identifiers were most important to NetSuite’s customers and what results they were getting through using NetSuite.

We have referenced the vertical specific results in our vertical industries sections, but can now provide information on the general business results – that is to say the cross-vertical results.

The KPI improvements were in three categories: Business Viability, Financial Management and IT Management and Resources.

Under Business Viability the two KPIs were 360 degree visibility and actionable insights (which increased between 55 and 80%) and reporting time and resources (which reduced by between 40 and 55%).

Under Financial Management the seven KPIs were time to close financial books(reduced by 45 to 70%), audit completion and support time (reduced by 25 to 40%), time required to support compliance (reduced by 25 to 45%), accounting staff productivity (improved by 25 to 50%), collection time for accounts receivable (reduced by 30 to 50%), order process efficiency and costs (improved by 40 to 60%) and billing efficiency (improved by 15 to 25%).

Under IT management and Resources the two KPIs were IT support resource costs (reduced by 40 to 65%) and business continuity/disaster recovery costs (reduced by 45 to 65%)

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