Top 5 business smartphones to manage your business data

If you use a true Cloud based ERP Platform such as NetSuite you will be lucky enough to choose any smartphone or device which comes with an Internet Browser to manage your business data. This is clearly a huge benefit, however it also presents business with a difficult choice with the vast array of devices available on the market today.

If you are a NetSuite User you probably already know they have an Iphone App and also NetSuite are working to release an Andriod App in the new year. However you might well want to figure into your thinking when puchasing smartphones the benefits of a large screen. The Iphone App is great, however big screens are also good incase you need to get to the full NetSuite directly via an internet browser on your phone (I need to do this sometimes when doing admin work for clients as some admin functions are not available on the Iphone App).

To help you wade though the array of options we have given a brief breakdown of some of the some of the most popular phones on the market today. Key criteria when selecting a phone include a good processor and large screen, however some other features such as smooth keyboards and a good camera are also worth figuring into your thinking on this.

Though looking for the phone that suits you and your business best could feel like looking for a needle in a haystack, the huge array of competition in the market is driving some good deals and quick innovation in features means it’s a good time to look to replace older devices. A few you might want to consider include:

5: HTC One Mini

HTC made the best Android phone in the world last year, and there is no doubt it would make it to this year’s list. If you are one who’s keen into having an Android phone for your business, you may want to consider HTC One mini as one of your options. It can definitely handle all the stuff you need done in a day– and so much more.

This mid-range market reincarnation of its predecessor, the bigger HTC One is packed with all the features you wouldn’t expect to have in a phone this size. It’s aluminium shell houses an Ultrapixel camera and BoomSound technology, all decked on the latest version of Android. It’s pre-installed apps makes an entertaining phone while keeping you ahead of your business– you can play songs with lyrics on screen with its Music Player, something you won’t find with the rest of its competitors unless you install separate apps.

Multitasking is never an issue with HTC One Mini. The usual slowdown is multiple apps running is a thing of the past with this smartphone. Well, this is what you could really expect with a phone packed with 1.4 GHz dual core processor. In the Sunspider JavaScript benchmark, One Mini score 1,521ms; surpassing a number of its competitors (including the S3).
With its HTC Sense interface, customisation is significantly more far-reaching than other mildly-customised Android phones. This customisation features allows its users to highlight things that matter more to their business– or those that basically, requires their attention every now and then.

4: Google Nexus 5

In spite of the new flagship Google phone, Nexus 6; the previous model is still a great catch.

Like all Google’s Nexus devices, the Nexus 5 runs entirely on Android. There are no modifications to the software, and it allows its users to get updates much faster than the other Android phones in the market.

Being an open source software, Android is on constant innovations here and there– not to mention the vast availability of productivity apps for this operating system. It also allows for a smooth navigation through apps, making multitasking an easy task altogether.

While being fast enough to handle all open apps at the same time, the best thing about this Nexus is that you get the best value for you money, being offered at only half the price of the user top-tier smartphones. While the camera isn’t that impressive, it sets off with its other awesome features. Being a Google phone, you can expect it to be fully integrated with your Google accounts– and the entirety of your connections with the Google ecosystem– a real plus for heavy Google users.
The Nexus 5 may not have made it to the mainstream market (due to lack of carrier partnership, they say), but this could be the best phone you can own if you care mostly about the Android experience and the Google ecosystem.

3: Samsung Galaxy Note4

Samsung’s Galaxy Note4 is said to be the best Samsung by far. This exceptional business smartphone comes with a super-sharp 5.7-inch display and an impressively powerful processor This phablet-slash-smarthphone is not the only one among its worthy competitors that come with a built-in stylus, though it could be the only device that gave this feature the justice. Pull out the stylus from its slot, and you get access to the Action Menu, allowing you to write notes as you go, never missing out on anything important for your business.

Aside from the swift note-taking, this device also features a number of multitasking tools, giving its screen a good use. Multi Window and split-screen view make hovering from one app to another a smooth experience.

Note 4 also invested on added security features, starting off with its fingerprint scanner. It’s extended battery life is also a huge plus for heavy business users.

2: Samsung Galaxy s5

If the 5.7-inch Note 4 screen is too wide for you to handle, the S5 should be the better choice. This phone packs almost the same features and power as the Note 4 though it lacks the Note’s stylus. It’s super-sharp 5.1-inch display is a feat of its own, on top of its impressively fast 2.5GHz quad-core CPU.

In terms of security, the S5 exceeds expectations. With a fingerprint scanner that supports Knox, a robust security suite developed by Samsung, there’s nothing to worry about unauthorized access to your smartphone. Battery life is also not compromised with its beefy internal battery, and the Ultra Low Power Mode– saving your battery just when you need it most. Multi-Window and split-screen view are also great for multitasking.

Compared with other more-posh, corporate-built smart phones, the Samsung Galaxy S5 can get down and dirty. Waterproof and dust proof (others say, dirt proof), even the weather won’t stop you from checking on your notifications as you need it.

1: iPhone 6 / iPhone 6 Plus

If you have been on iPhone since time immemorial and have been wishing for an iPhone with larger screens, there you have it.
Apple’s new iPhone comes in two sizes, both packed with all the perks of iOS but with more screen space. The iPhone 6 comes in a 4.7-inch display, while the iPhone 6 Plus with a larger 5.5-inch screen. Aside from this difference, the phones are identical. Both comes with the fast A8 processor, allowing for the smoothest app-to-app transition for multitasking and that impressive processing speed.

Both iPhones boast the fingerprint scanner, making it one of the most secured smarthphones since the iPhone 5S. With the launch of the iOS 8, users can expect new business and productivity features as well.

While both phones have the same features, some extra ones are available for iPhone 6 Plus such as the dual-pane mode, allowing you to navigate through the Mail and messaging apps more easily, and of course, the larger battery.

While Android and iOS dominates the list, there are still noteworthy opponents such as the Nokia’s Lumia line, and Blackberry’s Z30 and Passport. No matter what smartphone you opt to partner with on your business, what matters is finding one that complements and compliments the smart, savvy, businessman in you.